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A5 Option logo mat. High performance mat manufactured with nylon 6.6. cut pile, backing sbr of 1,4 mm thickness, pile weight of 700 g/ m2 (+/-3%) total weight 2.300 g/ m2 (+/-5%) total height 8 mm (+/-0,5 mm), 20 mm rubber borders, washing machine temperature 30ºC, also possible to include printed messages on rubber ending borders and also possible without borders. A5 Option is an ideal product for large marketing campaigns due to the good value for money, superb printing quality also with complex logos, photos or pictures.


A5 Option is a superb product for the creation on large marketing projects due to it good value for money. A5 Option enable a high realism printing also with complex pictures, logos, designs, etc. A5 Option can be considered a multipurpose logo mat due to it versatility and quality ideal for a wide variety of entrances.

» High resolution images printing
» Ideal for large marketing projects
» Brilliant and sharp colours
» No minimum order
» Fast delivery


Our printing system counts with 32 colours. Sharp borders and realism also with complex pictures, logos, designs, geometric,etc. First of all, after we receive the image files (jpg, tiff, eps, pdf) we send you a digital layout so you can image the printed design, afther this free of charge process, if the client is satisfied with the layout, then our printing staff will start the printing process.
Custom-made dimensions or standard measures:

60 x 40 cm    85 x 60 cm   85 x 85 cm  85 x 115 cm  85 x 150 cm  85 x 200 cm
85 x 300 cm  100 x 200 cm  115 x 180 cm  115 x 200 cm  115 x 240 cm  115 x 300 cm  150 x 200 cm  150 x 240 cm  150 x 300 cm 196 x 200 cm  196 x 300 cm  196 x 400 cm  196 x 600 cm
Gauge 1/10” gauge
Pile construction
Cut pile 100% nylon. Superb aspect and comfort.
Backing SBR Rubber 1,4 mm thickness. 
Components 100% polyamide - 6.6. nylon fibres on SBR rubber backing
Minimum order No minimum order required.
Installation Ideal for indoor and reduced time outdoor.
Pile weight 700 g/m2 (+/- 3%)
Total Weight 2.300 g/m2 (+/- 5%)
Total thickness 8 mm (+/- 0,5 mm)
Printing max dimension 196 cm max, including the 20 mm borders.
Lengths according to client requirements.
20 mm ending borders.
Main uses Ideal for large marketing projects, merchandising, general promotions, etc.
Delivery time 12 - 15 days approx.
Warranty 1 year under normal conditions.
Shipping costs Free shipping for deliveries at Spain. Contact us for other countries.
Enquiries Phone us !!!!!  T. +34  902 022 180


Revestimiento mural vinílico Aspen de Textura decoración s.l., fabricado en vinílo en de alta calidad, en formato de rollos, con gramaje de 400 g/ m2, tintado en masa, impreso a base de tintas al agua sobre soporte no tejido. Aspen es un revestimiento vinílico es muy duradero, completamente lavable, aséptico, resistente a golpes y rasguños, desinfectable, reparable, con una clasificación al fuego Euroclass C s2 d0, resistente a agentes químicos y a la luz solar.

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