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Topas multipurpose matting


Topas, textile multipurpose matting. Topas is a superb range of multipurpose matting manufactured in 6.6. cut pile polyamide over 1,6 mm NBR backing, pile weight 700 g/ m2 (+/-3%) total weight 2.800 g/m2 (+/-5%) total height 9 mm (+/- 0,5 mm), 20 mm borders, washing temperature 50ºC. Good resistance to oil and microbes, good water absortion of 3 - 4 l. per m2. Optionally we can print labels or text on the 20 mm borders or we can also manufacture witout borders. Topas is an excellent product for a wide range of requirements.


Topas is the standard textile multipurpose matting range from Vegasmat. Topas offers good quality matting for a large variety of situations, it robust construction and it good price makes it idel for large scale projects. Topas can reduce the cleaning and maintenance costs,  improving the entrance aspects.

» Multipurpose matting
» Good water absortion
» Washing temperature 50ºC
» No minimum order required
» Quick delivery


Dimensions Custom-made dimensions or standard measures:

60 x 40 cm    85 x 60 cm   85 x 85 cm  85 x 115 cm  85 x 150 cm  85 x 200 cm
85 x 300 cm  100 x 200 cm  115 x 180 cm  115 x 200 cm  115 x 240 cm  115 x 300 cm  150 x 200 cm  150 x 240 cm  150 x 300 cm 196 x 200 cm  196 x 300 cm  196 x 400 cm  196 x 600 cm
1/8” gauge
Pile construction Cut pile 100% nylon. Superb aspect and comfort.
NBR Rubber 1,6 mm thickness.
Components 100% polyamide - 6.6. nylon fibres on NBR rubber backing
Minimum order No minimum order required.
Installation Ideal for indoor and reduced time outdoor.
Pile weight 700 g/m2 (+/- 3%)
Total Weight 2.800 g/m2 (+/- 5%)
Total thickness 9 mm (+/- 0,5 mm)
Borders 3,2 mm thickness reinforced borders
(Also posible without borders)
Main uses Ideal for large scale projects. Residential, commercial shops, libraries, etc.
Delivery time 12 - 15 days approx.
Warranty 1 year under normal conditions.
Shipping costs Free shipping for deliveries at Spain. Contact us for other countries.
Enquiries Phone us !!!!!  T. +34  902 022 180



Revestimiento mural vinílico Aspen de Textura decoración s.l., fabricado en vinílo en de alta calidad, en formato de rollos, con gramaje de 400 g/ m2, tintado en masa, impreso a base de tintas al agua sobre soporte no tejido. Aspen es un revestimiento vinílico es muy duradero, completamente lavable, aséptico, resistente a golpes y rasguños, desinfectable, reparable, con una clasificación al fuego Euroclass C s2 d0, resistente a agentes químicos y a la luz solar.

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